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Mar 1

What should we talk about in our next episode?


As you all know, we are aiming for a community of Bollywood fans coming together to discuss any and all things Bollywood! That said, we are always looking to diversify our show. If you have anything you want us to talk about on the podcast, feel free to comment it below!

can you talk about remakes of old bollywood movies and how they compare and contrast with each other? same with songs! i'd love to hear y'alls opinions/perspective on whether these new, remake films lived up to the OG old ones.

Any specific movie you have in mind?

Talk about some movies you guys think would be great movies to introduce non Bollywood fans/non Indians into Bollywood. I think alot of people think Bollywood is either a musical or they just break out in song and dance and there's no story when it's much more than that. My picks are 3 idiots and tarre zameen par... because they're not that cheesy and have a good message. Even gully boy tbh

This is an excellent idea, be on the lookout for this!

I think you should rank the top 10 male and female bollywood actors and why this would be a great podcast.

What movies have you seen that you recommend to everyone to watch if they haven't? What movies you think people should watch because of the story, or a message that you think people need to understand?

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