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Mar 1

What's your favorite song from Gully Boy?


This sound track had a WILD amount of songs. 19 to be exact. It's def not slim pickings. I am personally going with Apna Time Ayega (which is kinda basic), but it's the best one. Secondarily, I also thoroughly enjoyed the slow pace song "Jeenay mein aye maaza."


Comment below your favorite!

Mere gully mein because that was such a fun song. Couldn't stop smiling during that scene. Also doori.. especially the poem when ranveer was driving the girl and he talked about how close they were but how far they really were.

I absolutely loved Doori! It was such a great depiction of something that is true for all humans.. we are all going through something, but not all of us can full relate to what we are all going. Not to mention, the separation of being in different income classes is for real. A beautiful scene/song in the movie, for sure.

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