Meet the team


Rizwan Gangwani


Most of my life I have identified as a "closeted bollywood fan". Growing up in America I never felt comfortable with others knowing my love for Bollywood, but as I aged my passion has grown and now it's in full bloom. When I am not busy saving the world one financial report at a time, I am watching or reading everything there is to know about Bollywood. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to entertain you and I hope my love for this industry can help fulfill your Bollywood itch.

Kassam Turtleneck.jpg

Ali Kassam


A seller by day, and an avid Bollywood fan by night, I am probably the biggest Bollywood fan you will ever meet, and this crazy fandom all started with the movie Raja Hindustani. That 3 hour masterpiece came out the year I was born and was supposedly the only movie I would stop crying for when I was less than a year old. The weirdest part about that: that was a hella emotional movie so I should have been crying even more. Although I don't cry as much now, I still love Bollywood all the same, and hope to be able to communicate that passion through this podcast!

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Sana Bhojwani

Gully Girl 

The Rajeev Masand of women, this individual has truly mastered the art of professional movie critiquing. By using intricate vocabulary, she manages to not only educate the audience of the cinematic aspects of a film, but is also able to effectively demonstrate that AP English wasn't a total waste of time in 12th Grade. She serves as an inspiration to all future women writers who hope to one day make a difference, just like she has.